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A place I love to revisit. But everytime I go there somebody have trashed it a bit more. Makes me really sad to see… GALLERY HERE

Back at the House along the Road

Sunday I was on my way home from Dalarna and decided to take some pics at a house I´ve been at before. Quite nice details to shoot in this one.

Now that is an update!

Spent the past evenings going thru tons of Photos. Not all there yet but I must have uploaded a thousand pics at least… Focused on Urbex since that is my major interest. But will upload more Nature and Concerts too. Chateau of my dreams!

Iron Steel & Wood

I´m in the mood for doing kind of “blue” songs at the moment and made this lil song in honour of the Swedish Industrial History.

Urbex Urbex!

Added so much Urban Exploration to the Gallery tonight. Focus on places abroad right now. Then I have like 5000 pics from Sweden too… Casa of My Dreams!

Rebuilding the whole Site

So I decided to rebuild and get some more structure on all this. I had a lot of Rock Concerts and Urbex in both the Showkase and the old Coppermine gallery that will be moved into WordPress so I guess it will take a while to get it all in here. I had over 6000…