About Me

Swedish dude making music, digital art,photography and Urban Exploration. I´ve played music since I was a kid.. For several years I let the creativity out through graphics, digital art and photo and music. Some of it can be seen here


Urban Exploration

I´ve been a Urban Explorer for the past 20 years or so and visited abandoned places all over the World. Always interested in new places to explore and to exchange experience and places with other serious explorers.

Photo and Digital Art

I use Canon and Sony Cameras for photography and make Digital Art and Designs in Photoshop, Poser, DS, Vue and Z-brush. I also produce Animations and Videos in Iclone and After FX. Anders


I got my roots in the 70s Hard Rock. But i listen to and play everything that I find interesting. It can be pop, blues, metal or electronica. I kinda like a little blue tone or melancholy in music but I´m born a Metal Head so Heavy, Progressive and Thrash Metal is close to the heart. And Motörhead for life! I have a Band called “ELEKTRIK WARFARE” where I write all music and sing and a Project Band called “Abandoned Earth” where I´m the Songwriter and play Keyboards and Hammond Organ. I love to play Heavy Distorted Riffs on the Organ. But also soft Pianostuff and sometimes electronic music. I write and produce my music in Cubase.