Now that is an update!

Spent the past evenings going thru tons of Photos. Not all there yet but I must have uploaded a thousand pics at least… Focused on Urbex since that is my major interest. But will upload more Nature and Concerts too. Chateau of my dreams!

Iron Steel & Wood

I´m in the mood for doing kind of “blue” songs at the moment and made this lil song in honour of the Swedish Industrial History.

So slow in updating

I´m really slow in getting thing here! Been doing a lot of nice Urbex since the last update. And still have a ton of old ones to update…

Uploaded a bunch of UE

Slowly filling the galleries with a lot of Urbex. Uploaded some from Docklands and the old Nuclear Power Plant now. More will come!#urbex #urbanexplorer #decay #industrialdecay

Urbex Urbex!

Added so much Urban Exploration to the Gallery tonight. Focus on places abroad right now. Then I have like 5000 pics from Sweden too… Casa of My Dreams!

Gefle Metal! \m/

So summers first Festival booked. Looking forward to come back to this cozy Metal Festival once again.

Rebuilding the whole Site

So I decided to rebuild and get some more structure on all this. I had a lot of Rock Concerts and Urbex in both the Showkase and the old Coppermine gallery that will be moved into WordPress so I guess it will take a while to get it all in here. I had over 6000…